Both sides are wrong about immigration reform

American politics moves slower than an indie film plotline. Forget all budget fights and debt debacles and you will find that the immigration reform bill is the most redundant and slow moving bill in a while. First immigration is hardly reformed. It’s more like they take immigration shake it a little and then pretend they created a whole new drink. The bill doesn’t address the need for skilled labor to help grow the economy; it is biased towards unions, and doesn’t deal with the issues of the surge in illegal immigrants.

First off for any crazy conservative reading this whose main reason for opposition is the amnesty I think you’re looking at this issue improperly. First off Latin Americans are not lazy, drug addicted, parasites of societies. Rather the illegal immigrants, no matter what your view on their morality of entering illegally, are hard workers and are less involved with drugs than their legal counterparts. Their family cohesion is stronger. Thus your “family-value” beliefs are actually upheld more by illegal residents of the U.S rather than birthright citizens or other groups. Thus making this issue of immigration into a morality one is bridging onto racism and a little bit of stupidity.

Now that our conservative friends are tapered down maybe a conversation on immigration can begin. First securing the southern border is impossible. Trillions will be needed to build a fence to keep the cartels out but rather end up with people just hoping a fence as criminals and desperate Hispanics will find anyway to get into the U.S. The other way to secure the border is to have 24/7 drone surveillance. Of course millions of American citizens live in border towns thus surveillance would be an invasion of privacy and it too like a wall would never be even close to limiting border hoppers in any way. Thus no matter what anyone says, there is no way to guarantee border security in the current state of the U.S.

However the crime that is associated with border violence can be decreased. Most clashes are associated with the drug trade. If only there was a solution to limiting violence related to drugs. If only Washington stopped stopping people from consume their own property. Ending the drug war is essential to limiting violence associated with the southern border. Most crime is a result of cartel conflict. Make drugs legal and stop this lack of respect for property and thus people can escape the confines of the extortion and victimization that is the black market. And the cherry on top of this freedom cake is that the crime will not decrease only near the border but everywhere. Thus when addressing border security I think drug legalization should be the main priority rather than if a few congressmen think their fence plan is adequate. Look I love Rand Paul (kind of) but his plan for border security needs to include the drug issue.

I will give Rand Paul credit for pointing out that the immigration bill reduces legal immigration thus possibly giving an incentive for some to enter the U.S illegally. It appears that progressive and Democrat groups seem to be the most pro-immigrant, however their beliefs can’t be more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The bill if passed introduces new caps. Union lobby groups that want to keep their jobs are opposed to letting their employers hire better-educated and skilled immigrants that seemingly have better work ethic thus lobbied for caps. New caps will limit the amount of skilled labor. With an aging population and failing immigration process the U.S will start to lag behind Europe and especially Canada. The reason why Canada has been successful in the last decade maybe attributed to immigration. What needs to be understood is that immigrants bring skills at a lower price thus helping the economy improve overall. Unions make wages sticky and when protected under the law creates market disruptions. Thus the bill will not help but rather hurt the economy and further increase illegal immigration. Expect prices for goods to stay high.

When ever Schumer or other democrats say that they think the GOP is just racist for not supporting the bill they are wrong. Schumer and the left are just as much in the wrong as anyone else, in fact from a political standpoint they are at an advantage. If the bill doesn’t pass they win, and if it is passed they win. For them it is either taking the credit for being pro-immigrant when they are really not or blame the GOP for being racist. All they have to do is say they are sympathetic to Hispanics and multicultural and people eat it up. I kind of feel bad for Republicans but they are as much part of the problem as anyone else as they perpetuated the illegal immigration in ’86.

I also find fault in giving people citizenship immediately. Personally I am for free immigration with very little interruptions, however when one conducts the current process the legalization through citizenship is hypocritical as now coming illegally becomes easier. This will slow down legal immigration and thus many who go through the right channels will be held back because congress wants to grant citizenship to those that skipped the line. This is like giving a rapist a shorter sentence compared to drug offender because you feel bad for him when he has to tell employers he is a sex offender – never mind this actually happens, but my point is it is very backwards. The bill is supposed to improve immigration but from my standpoint sure you fix the current illegal problems but you end up with more illegals in the future and the crime associated with the border is not reduced.

If congress really wants to address immigration in an economic and humanitarian way they need to give the current illegals a chance to enter the existing visa process. Congress also needs to remove caps on student visas and work visas, both temporary and permanent. Congress also needs to loosen drug laws to reduce the fallout of the black market in the southern border. Every representative and most importantly every American needs to realize that granting citizenship to a few and building a fence won’t fix the problem, it will only make it worse.

P.S. While providing citizenship to illegals is generally good, its weird for some politicians to give them citizenship and then put up harsher immigration barriers so as to protect unions, some sort of culture and security. All of these reasons are inaccurate attempts at legitimizing their support for some sort of special interest.

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